Published on April 25, 2020


Mass each day Monday-Friday @ 9.30  (Exception will be for funeral mass and time will be announced.)

Each evening @7.30 there will be a time of Prayer.

Monday: Rosary, Tuesday & Thursday Night Prayer of the Church (Compline) , Wednesday & Friday a period of reflection

Parish Collection

This is a  topic which I did not wish to mention at the time when our chapel was closed for public mass.  I was only too aware of how people were entering into a difficult time with places of work closing down and self-employed having no income for the time being. No one then or now can predict for how long this situation will continue.

The reason for mentioning now is that a number of Parishioners have contacted me about this matter and felt I should issue some instruction for people who would wish to keep their contributions going…

As a few people have been doing you can drop your envelope into the Letter Box at the Parish Office door as and when it suits. No need to ring bell etc.

Another way that some might find handier is by standing order.. This can be set up by phoning 07711662188.  I wont be putting any Parish Account details on our website for obvious reasons. All the rest of this announcement will be available under the title of Notices on the website.

I do appreciate that we are receiving money into our account via  Standing Orders already set up. If it is difficult for you to contribute now,  please know that is perfectly ok and understood.

When things are back to some sort of normality, I am sure our parishioners will be as generous as always in meeting the needs of our  parish.  Thank You all

DEATHS  Anne scullion, buried here on Tuesday, Mary Kearney buried here  on Friday

ANNIVERSARIES  Sally O’Neill, Willie and Winnie Diamond, Deirdre Wright, Margaret McElhone, Rose O’Donnell,  Bridget Kilpatrick, Henry Doherty, Mary Lee, Francie Murray, Phonsie Mulholland, Tommy Gribben, Joe Kearney, Maggie Mawhinney. John McErlean