Published on May 2, 2020


This has come as good news for our parishioners and for people in general.

Hopefully, we do not interpret this a signal that we can relax our efforts or drop our guard.

I appeal to people  to continue to observe social distancing. Visits to graves are for prayer and we should ensure that no matter who else is around  wo do not turn it into a kind of social gathering.

We do not want this decision to be reversed.



When people gather around the chapel as a funeral cortege arrives or when the body is being brought to the church or to the  cemetery for burial it is important to maintain social distancing .

Again, I appeal to you to exercise due caution. In minding ourselves we are in turn helping the people around us. None of us know who a carrier might be, not even if we are ourselves.

It might be worthwhile to ask ourselves about funerals or any other gathering, “do I need to be here?” Maybe there are other ways of connecting with people to offer our support, our sympathy.

Many people stand on the roadside  observing due distancing as the cortege goes by on its way to church which is a lovely way of showing respect for the deceased  and support for the mourners.

Only ten people are allowed in the chapel for the mass and likewise in the cemetery for the burial.

During this period of lockdown wakes and funerals are private.

Priest and people alike are bound by these regulations,  so I appeal to everyone to respect them please.

Andrew Dolan PP VG