Published on July 18, 2020


For anyone who hasn’t so far indicated their intention to attend Saturday/Sunday mass and  wishes do so, the website will be open from Sunday morning to Tuesday evening.  By knowing how many intend to come to a particular mass means that we can ensure that our chapel is properly spaced out and that people feel comfortable and secure.  No need to reapply.  Please enter a mobile no:  so that you can be notified by text that your choice of mass is ok.

Mass Monday/ Tuesday/Thursday/Friday @ 9.30. When you come into the Chapel be it at the weekend or weekday please observe 2 metre rule and co-operate with the stewards as they direct you to your place.  Failure to uphold that rule could result in us not being allowed to celebrate a public mass. No need to make reservation for daily mass.

Mass in St Joseph’s Ballyscullion on Wednesday Evening at 7.30pm  will be mass of the day in the parish .Places there are fully reserved

Maybe those who are planning weddings over the next number of months would get in touch. Please .  Many have had to change the date and so on  and I just want to check that I have the correct information.

Anyone who would like to help after mass please to wash down the seats is most welcome. When you leave the church after communion at the end of mass you can return via main door to prayer room and you will be equipped and instructed what to do. Thanks

DERRY YOUTH COMMUNITY, a faith-based Gap Year opportunity for young adults aged between 18 – 25, is now open for applications for the year starting September 2020. DYC offers the opportunity to live in community, to develop and be formed in faith and be involved in youth ministry in parishes.  The three main aspects of DYC are: Accompaniment, Community and Encounter. If you are interested in this Gap Year or would like some more information, please email: [email protected]

The Diocesan Paper the Net is available on the Derry Diocese website

Envelope collection over the past couple of weeks amounted to £4,210.00  Many thanks to all who have been so thoughtful and generous.  You can drop in your contribution by envelope or cash into the collection boxes on the way in or out of the church or into Parish Office