Published on October 3, 2020

    Mass Times :Saturday Vigil6.30 ,  Sundays @ 8.30 and 11.30  Book via .Still spaces left for the Sunday masses.                                                                                                                                                                                                               Daily mass except Wednesdays and Saturdays @ 9.30 am. No need to make a reservation

St Joseph’s Ballyscullion : Wednesday @ 7.30 pm                                                                                                                                       Baptisms & Anniversaries by arrangement.

October is the month of the Rosary so each Monday evening at 7.00 the Rosary will be recited from the Chapel here via the Webcam. We encourage families to join in please.

Envelope Collection last week realised £1,780.00  Many Thanks

We had survey carried out earlier in the year on this Building; the tower is always an area of concern  which is going to need attention.  Some damp coming in but a greater area of concern is the copings at various levels which have suffered from weathering. A couple of heavy pieces have fallen off leaving it as a must to be sorted out from a building perspective never mind as a health and safety issue.  A good bit of work was done there 20 yrs ago as part of the renovations. What looked ok then has deteriorated in those 20 yrs. The actual tower is now over 100 yrs old.  As listed building we must maintain it to certain specifications.

Other areas on the roof along with gutters, and lightening conductors need some attention, just basic maintenance.

Scaffolding will begin to be erected on Monday. It will be so managed  it will not obstruct entry to the Chapel here.                  Never a right time to do things but  with how things are, it is not the worst time either.                                                                         Costs are always a problem; The work will be at least £87,000 along with some contingency money. The major individual cost within that figure is Scaffolding at £26,000. Seems a big figure but unavoidable.                                                                      All work is to be finished by mid-January. After that is completed, we will refresh the interior.  All of this has been approved @ diocesan level in terms of the work and expenditure.   We can meet it  financially at present. So maybe when things are so called normal, we can look at how we can supplement our funds so that we can meet anything unforeseen.

Derry Diocesan Safeguarding :that for the month of October the Safeguarding Office will only be open as follows:

Monday:         9 – 4.30 Paula will be available.           Thursday:   9 – 4.40 Imelda will be available 

National zoom Family rosary: The link is:, which will bring you to a web page where you can register.

Family rosary Crusade:

On Sunday October 11th the Rosary on the Coast for Life & Faith in Ireland will take place.  This year we will again join in with many other countries from around the world.  We will gather on our coasts, at our grottos, our churches, our river banks, our homes, or wherever we can……. to pray the Rosary safely together, at 2.30pm.  Please do remember to observe Covid 19 guidelines.  See to see locations near you or to register a location.

A SERIES OF PRESENTATIONS on Mission Today:  Throughout October, Month of Mission, the Derry Diocesan Mission Team is offering a series of presentations on what mission means in today’s society. Each presentation is free and will be available online through Zoom. They will consist of a short film, discussion on the topic and a chance to ask questions.  Guest speakers: Martina Purdy, Elaine Kelly, Noel Bradley, Oliver Barrett and Marriage Encounter Ireland. For further information, visit