“Jesus is risen and He is with us”

The men and women that went to the tomb and found the Risen Christ in the garden were amazed and reinvigorated.

The two Disciples who returned from Emmaus could hardly contain their excitement. Peter and John, when they came back from the garden, like the others began to spread this amazement.

Our community is built on the hope that comes from the Risen Lord.

Transcending all the messy sin, all the scandals, all the weak leadership and poor discipleship we need to discover and recognise the Risen Jesus and be amazed by him and like Peter spread this amazement.

Life for the early Christian was not easy.

Many were very very suspicious of them, they were brought before courts and governors who imprisoned them, but their amazement and feeling the closeness of Jesus sustained them, and they spread the story everywhere.

Now it’s my time to recognise the Risen Jesus and to be amazed by him.

Now it’s my time to go and tell

It’s my time to make a difference to my life, my home, my family, my community.